Valmet Hunter

Well I got this one in 1984.......
... and kept it for a year.

Produced in Finland, the Valmet Hunter was based on the AK 47 action which was made in the guise of the Valmet M-62S or M-72S in 7.62 x 39 and 5.56 x 45 mm calibres respectively. The Valmet Hunter was imported by Fullers and offerred initially in .243 W and .308 Winchester calibres.

As initially supplied the rifle came with two 9 shot magazines, clip on case buffer, cleaning kit, manual, and a detatchable scope mount. Construction and functioning were as for the AK 47 with a very good quality external finish. Accuracy was around the 2" - 3" group size at 100 yards which is about par for the AK action. This type of semi-automatic was designed as a military rifle to function reliably under adverse conditions which is not necessarily commensurate with accuracy.

I persisted with it for about a year and then sent it to another home, not because of functioning or reliability, as it performed flawlessly, but because the inherent accuracy prohibited the some long shots when out and about with only one gun. Despite the fact that it was a good close range feral animal gun, it came down to a matter of economics and the money was diverted into other firearms purchases.

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