Valmet M78

The Valmet 78 7.62mm x 39mm is an RPK style squad support weapon. This weapon is still in use by Finnish defense forces.

The Valmet 78 7.62mm x 51mm is an RPK style squad support weapon.  This Model was designed for Commercial sale in parts of Europe and North America.  There was also a .223 version of this weapon, picture and info coming soon!


Below is the only Model 84 belt fed 7.62x51 in the U.S.  This weapon is currently owned by Robert Johnson and he says it's not for sale at any price.  This weapon fires from an open bolt at 1800 RPM.  There is also one rare prototype M84K with a 10 inch barrel and folding tube stock, this rifle is also part of the Robert Johnson collection but no photo was supplied.  Be aware there are forgeries on the market but the original version can be identified by the Finnish translation of  "Come get some" stamped onto the side.