The Valmet 76 7.62mm x 51mm with a side folding stock is unique in many ways to other Valmet Rifles.  Some consider this to have been a prototype or tester of new Valmet models to come.  As it turned out later production Finnish military M76 7.62x39 rifles did use many of this rifles new features.  Also after Valmet merged with Sako, another Finnish Arms Company, many of those same features showed up again on the Sako M92 & Sako 95

Look Closely at the side folding stock and notice the hinge is different from other Valmets.  This stock folds to the right unlike other Valmet folders which fold to the left.  Instead of a push button you simply push down the entire buttstock to unlock and fold.  Also there is no latch that needs to be unlocked to open the stock, just pull with enough force to release the spring tension.  Furthermore notice the roll pin used to hold the stock block into the back of the receiver, a much improved version as compared to the original Valmet folders.  Both of these stock changes were applied to the later Sako95. 

Other changes include an extension riveted onto the safety lever and the addition of another sling mounting loop on the very back of the Buttstock.  Lastly the angle of the butt plate is different as Valmet tried to make the tube folder more ergonomic.

This was a commercial rifle but caused a general strike by Finnish soldiers who were angry about having to use the inferior 7.62x39 cartridge when the improved version was being sent to France and the U.S.A.