The Valmet 71s is a stamped receiver 5.56mm x 45mm semi auto rifle that was built for the U.S. civilian market; though some were also sold to France and other parts of Europe.  Built from 1971-1978 this rifle is functionally very similar to the Valmet 62 and later 76, but cosmetically there are many differences.

One of the goals Valmet had for designing this rifle was to attract part of the U.S. market that desired an AK style weapon that actually looked like an AK47.  Valmet answered this call with the model 71.  Some of the changes using a more traditional AK style gas block.  Moving the sights forward like that of the AK47 and changing the handguard.  Also Valmet built these rifles to use the American 5/56x45 chambering that was readily available on the U.S. Market.  The previous Valmet Model 62 was chambered in 7.62x39 which at the time was very rare and expensive ammo to buy in the states.

The 72s differs only that it has a plastic buttstock. The plastic was not very durable and is prone to cracking.