The below links are great online sites for buying, selling, discussing or researching firearms.  Many of these sites and site owners helped make this website possible. would like to give special thanks to Perro from the Cetme Forum, Buddy Hinton at Sturmgewehr, Robert from RTG Parts and Jeff from APEX Gun Parts.


New Production HK Style Weapons and Parts!

RTG Parts Original HK and German MG Parts/accessories at discounted prices

APEX GUN PARTS  Lots of surplus items available for many different types of guns.  Great website for buying, selling or discussion forums

The Valmet Money Pit  Buddy Hinton's Great Valmet photo Library

The Galil Money Pit  Buddy's Galil photo Library Great site for discussing Machine guns and other weapons Online Resource for AUG owners and fans  Info and Forum for the Sig 550

D& K sales  Adapters made for Galil folding stocks for use on Valmets

TROMIX   Magazines for Valmets made from Bulgarian and STG mags