My Valmet milled tube folder- M62/S TP "M76"

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My Valmet milled tube folder- M62/S TP "M76"

Post by hotel_torgo » Fri May 08, 2020 7:03 pm

Hello all, a real pleasure to finally be an approved poster here!

The hunt began years and years ago after landing my first big-time job out of school. Long story short, I had a couple years to stalk the auction sites and allocate funds to nab a grail gun of mine, a Valmet M62/S TP "milled tube folder" when one popped up with all the fancy trappings on GunBroker in late 2019.


More images! Hello from the year 2020!

I've read there are very, very few of these rifles in the USA, so I'm immensely happy to call one my own at long last. I immediately set out to run it in competition, because living a life locked away in the safe, never seeing the light of day is no way to live. Took it to the InRange TV/Varusteleka Desert Brutality 2-gun action challenge match in February 2020 where it performed admirably, until it didn't... the tip of the firing pin sheared.

I've documented my hunt to find a new one in my first post to, as well as over on Reddit and AKFiles. So I'll spare the details suffice to say, I'm still in desperate need of a new firing pin! I can't wait to get this old girl up and running again.

It's a shame this forum isn't as active as it could be, but I figure that a place like this deserves as much talk about these amazing rifles as I can muster.

Take care and stay healthy!

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Re: My Valmet milled tube folder- M62/S TP "M76"

Post by AGG » Sat May 09, 2020 4:49 am

Excellent acquisition!!! :D


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