valmet stock adapters options?

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valmet stock adapters options?

Post by skyridge » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:12 am

Perhaps this has been discussed previously, but does anyone know of a stock adapter for both milled and stamped receiver valmets? Those doing Hunter to Galil clone conversions must have come across this issue (mostly in Canada I assume).

Presumably there could be several variants:

slant cut milled to M4/A2
slant cut milled to Galil
slant cut milled to Ace

stamped to M4/A2
stamped to Galil
stamped to Ace

If I understand correctly, depending on design considerations, a slant cut M4/A2 adapter could conceivably be a bolt on affair using a shortened stock bolt, without altering the firearm. Or flush machine screws into the slanted milled receiver stub sides? Has any one done either of these? Is the stock bolt slanted down or in line with the receiver?

A stamped receiver adapter could be made as an integrated rear trunnion that could replace the existing rear trunnion, with the rivets drilled out (horror...) and replaced by hex head machine screws (you could restore the original with new rivets as required). Has anyone ever attempted this, any R&D, CAD drawings etc?

I asked a gunsmith in Finland if he would be interested in producing a stock adapter for the slant cut Petra and to make it economically viable he said he would need to produce min 100 pieces. Do forum members think that there is a big enough market to sell 100 pieces and if so, which variants would be most popular? I would guess slant cut to M4/A2 and stamped to M4/A2?

I was thinking of making a prototype for a stamped rear receiver- does anyone know of a donor rear Valmet trunnion or an AK trunnion that would be a close fit that I could mod?

No reason valmet owners should be left behind in this kind of reversible/non permanent modernization, without reducing the value of their firearms to collectors.

Any thoughts, considerations or info on existing sources and projects welcome.


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Re: valmet stock adapters options?

Post by Tommo » Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:46 am

Here is a guy who makes Galil stock adapter rear trunions: ... be822fb77e

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