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Marketplace Rules!

Post by Tom Doniphon » Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:47 pm

Here are the Marketplace rules. Remember nothing illeagal, immoral or AR-15 related! Well I guess if you really want people to know you own an AR-15.....

Thanks to Cabhammer for putting this together!


1. Post a clear and readable advertisement. Post pics or post links that will help you best describe your item.

2. Research the item prior to sale. If you do not know what you have for sale, research it. Use the web, Google it, post questions in the weapon forums here.

3. Be honest & provide full details of known problems or blemishes! Be upfront and forthright about the item you are selling and be detailed in your description. If possible, take pics and post them or at least be able to send them via e-mail.

4. List a valid e-mail address for contacting you in the event that the board is down. List your preference for contact.

5. Post your payment options! Make it clear what you take as payment.

6. Provide Contact Info! Be willing to give out your contact info, home phone, pager, cell... doing that makes a buyer feel better about the deal. And it makes you, the seller, look like a solid seller in the eyes of the buyer as well as providing a means of sorting out any problems that may crop up.

7. When a item is sold, mark it "SOLD" in the subject line and maintain good communication with the buyer. It only takes a few minutes to send a e-mail updating the buyer that the item is in route, payment was recieved, etc. Remember to ship the item with a tracking number for your sake & theirs.

8. Be prepared to ship as quick as possible! You should ship within 24-48 hours of payment arrival AND use a quick method of delivery such as UPS, FedEx or USPS First Class or Priority Mail. If using USPS, use the Delivery Confirmation.

9. Be open to taking a item back that does not meet the buyer's expectations. Unless the seller says all sales are final, be open to having a 3 day inspection might help out in preventing a problem.

10. Document Everything!! Make sure you keep all e-mails, IM's, Postal/Shipping Receipts, the buyer's envelope or enclosed instructions, ect. Don't get rid of them until the deal is done, feedback is left and all are happy.

11. Be patient. The Buyers generally want confirmation of payment details and price prior to paying for something. If they have not gotten these things, do not expect payment. Send the required information and give them a 2-3 days to complete the transaction. Buyers cannot "beam" the payment to you or get it to you overnight, unless they use Paypal, and EVERYONE should use Paypal with extreme caution....


1. Ask questions before you buy! The only dumb question is the one you do not ask. If you are not sure of something...ASK!

2. Make sure you know what you are buying is what you really want. Do your homework...make sure that the item you want IS what you want. Make sure it fits, works or will work.

3. Keep all of the payment info. Whether it's a Postal Money order, Bank Money Order, personal check, Pay-pal, ect...keep your payment stubs and reciepts.

4. Be sure to enclose copies of your purchase email(s), a note about what you're paying for and clearly state your ship to address.

5. Be patient. The seller cannot "beam" the item to you or get it to you overnight, unless you pay for that shipping. Give the seller a chance to ship it.

6. Be patient when it comes to return e-mails. Just because he did not return your e-mail in 2.3 nano seconds, does not mean that the deal has gone south....remember that some people work nights, 12 hour shifts, etc...give them time.

7. When to send an e-mail asking what is going on. As a general rule, give the person 48 hours to return an e-mail, when a deal is being conducted.

Both Parties:

1. Enter deals with caution, do not rush. There is always that rush to say "I'll take it" when that "deal of a lifetime" is posted on the board.
When someone posts "I'll take it", the timestamp on the post should settle disputes. Give the taker the benefit of the doubt. Real life intrudes on internet deals and the buyer should have at least a 3 business days to reply and pay for the item.

2. Check for feedback before entering a deal, check the feedback forum for any shady sellers. If you cannot find feedback, don't be afraid to ask about the buyer or the seller in the Feedback section.

3. Sellers: E-mail when you get the payment and again when you ship the item. Give all info that is needed on the shipment.

4. Buyer: E-mail the seller when you make the payment. Don't send cash! If sending a Money Order/Personal Check, send it First Class or Priority with a tracking number. Also, be courteous & e-mail the seller when you get the item.

5. If there are any problems... COMMUNICATE! Talk to each other, work out the problems before posting negative feedback. The majority of problems that are posted in the "Feedback" section can be resolved with polite e-mails or a phone call and will save everyone a lot of trouble.

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Post by JMikeSteen » Sat Dec 13, 2008 7:10 pm

Thanks for this Tom, but ....isn't AR and Immoral the .. same..category, JUST JOKING!!! Got some myself :D
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