Odd serial # on a Galil 332 (.308 cal)

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Odd serial # on a Galil 332 (.308 cal)

Post by ClassyVet » Sat May 19, 2012 10:46 pm

I need some knowledgable assistance. A Galil 332 recently surfaced for sale in my area. I'm not knowledgeable regarding the Galil variants. Its serial: #AAL 2078442 troubles me. There is an "N" stamped between the "L" and "2" with a dab of black paint apparently intended to cover the N. I believe I've seen something similar on another Galil 332 recently on GunBroker. What is the significance of this?

In all other aspects this rifle seems to be correct with folding tubular stock, rectangular wood forearm, bayonet lug, bi-pod, and the barrel measured 20.5" (approx). An overall 90% rifle that has been used, but not abused. No accessories come with the rifle except for a sling, but it does include six correct IMI marked magazines (25rd). Five of those carried a '91 date and I seem to recall the sixth magazine had an '83 date. He's asking $3800, while I thought $3200 would be the high-end. Your views?

And finally, would this rifle be referred to as a ARM model? Thanks.
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Post by GoodGuy » Sun May 20, 2012 5:17 am

The serial number is in the correct range for being a pre 1989 ban rifle. I have one with serial number AAL 20788## (close to the number of the one you're considering). My rifle shows a white dash "-" separating the AAL and the start of the serial number. I don't see any indication of a painted out "N" on my rifle.

I'm not a Galil expert by any means, but the rifle you're considering sounds legitimate to me. Perhaps the "N" is part of a number of one of the MR to AAL transition rifles that existed prior to AAL applying its serial number series.

I don't think I'd offer much more than about $3,000 for a 90% rifle with the magazines you describe. I think $3,400 would be a good offer for a NIB example.

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