Rare Pre Ban Valmet Semi Auto Rifles For Trade

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Rare Pre Ban Valmet Semi Auto Rifles For Trade

Post by Armed2012 » Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:34 am

Hello, I'm looking for a PTR44 , PSG1 , joe poyer L1a1 , galil sniper , sp89 , HK43 , hk94 , Russian svd and Milled Tube folding valmet m76 in 7.62X39.

For The Big Ticket Items I can Do A Multiple Gun Trade. Thanks, here is the list.

Factory Test Fired Only Valmet Sniper M83 With orig scope , 3 mags

Factory test fired only Valmet M76 Fixed Tube 7.62X39

Valmet M62S Fixed Tube 7.62X39 W/ Orig Bayonet , Scabbard and lanyard Loop 30 Round Orig Mag

Valmet M76 Tube Folder .223 Like new, 1 range trip, 90 Rounds down the tube fired by myself, aquired new.

Feel free to make cash offers, they will have to Very Generous Because I'm Really Not Looking To Downsize My Arms Collections Value.




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