My M76 308 Top cover & scope

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My M76 308 Top cover & scope

Post by scirocco85 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:31 pm

I first tried Valmet factory top cover with a couple of different 1" cheap scopes. Shown is one I tried as fitted to my M62 build, with 4x Night Force & 30mm EAW rings. I was not happy with Valmet factory cover & mount because the scope sat so high. I remembered Mike Steen had talked about a top from the Galil Hadar (gun used in Planet of the apes) I found a guy & bought one & later 2 more. First I tried the cover on my M62 with a Steiner 4x & loved how low it sat.( had loved this scope on my DSA) This top cover with Stanag to 1913 rail & rings is also too high, so I shot with 4x Steiner for a while, which has Stanag mounting.I bought a set of ARMS 30mm Stanag rings ( which comes with 1" inserts) I tried a couple of other scopes, not happy! My friend had, & sold me the 1.5x - 6x Carl Zeiss scope, I now shoot with. This scope has 30mm tube & I found & ordered EAW steel thin rings. These top covers have a little different shape around ejection port opening & require dremel work to fit brass buffer. Both the Steiner 4x & Zeiss scopes are awesome clear!! In future I would like to talk about & exchange rds loading info. Thanks!
Pictures V 106.JPG
Pictures V 101.JPG
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Post by AGG » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:48 am

Excellent tutorial and report!!! :D


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