My M76 308 & Mags II

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My M76 308 & Mags II

Post by scirocco85 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:46 pm

I had read a post by Mike Steen about using Galil mags, so I bought some. The mags were too wide to fit so I started filing on a 12rd till it would fit. I took it out shooting & had a little problem with rounds feeding. I remembered someone posted about a feed problem. The lock up was still not what I wanted so after I filed a little off front and rear of lock up tabs and off top edge of front of mag it fit & locked up fine. I then went back to the range & after 200 rds and R&R mag many times with no feed or cycling problems I was happy. Next I sold my Valmet mags which more than paid for 2 12rd & 4 25rd Galil mags. I still had to fit the rest of the new Galil mags but did not want to have to refinish outside of new mags or any more in the future. So I decided to open the mag well. I took off .006" off each side. I have used all mags many times about 6500rds with no feed or cycle problems. Pics show filed lockup tabs & top front edge. Mag well pics still show lines from mags. Have not gotten around to blacken mag well. This Valmet is an awesome weapon!!

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Post by AGG » Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:29 am

Interesting!!! :D


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