No import markings at all on M76Wood - who imported it?

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No import markings at all on M76Wood - who imported it?

Post by nfafan » Tue May 28, 2013 7:28 pm

My M76 beerkeg folder was imported by VALMET out of Elmsford, NY, but zero markings at all on my fixed stock M76.

Would they be hidden under the handguards?


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Post by GoodGuy » Wed May 29, 2013 7:59 am

Others, too, with some frequency have reported no visible markings on their Valmet rifles to indicate an importer. I own a milled M78 in .308 that fits that description. I've never stripped the rifle beyond "field stripping" to look for markings. It's possible the import mark is beneath the hand guards or grip.

Some have guessed that the apparently unmarked rifles are ones originally imported into Canada that subsequently "migrated" south. Others believe the rifles were marked but so faintly that the markings were effectively non-existent. One of my Interarms imported rifles, for example, is marked very, very faintly... almost to the point of being invisible.

Perhaps Tony, one of our resident technical experts, will see this and add his thoughts.

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Post by AGG » Thu May 30, 2013 6:31 am


You honor me with your kind words!!! :D


Here is the following information that I have: :shock:

1. Valmet M76's without the "No" (Number) in the SN began around 157740 (though I have seen a few No 158XXX's- Interarms imports);
2. No 155XXX's- No 156XXX's were imported by Interarms, while No 156XXX's- No 157XXX's were imported by Elmsford;
3. 157XXX's- 160XXX's had no import markings;
4. 160XXX's- 166XXX's had Elmsford import markings.

Conclusions: Dallas may be correct on the Canadian connection; if there was an importer, I would presume that it would be Elmsford. :wink:


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