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Post by reckoner1 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:15 pm

Denis - Ideally a milled receiver hence a used M62 would be the perfect donor. Pretty sure that's what Chris from Vulcan built his on.

In Canuckistan the only viable 7.62*39mm receiver is an M78. Not crazy about stamped as one of the rivets is in a less than ideal place but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Only milled option would be to use a .223 /.308 Hunter.

Celtic - I'll work on a better background. Home reno project for the summer. :D

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Post by zz_denis » Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:33 am

M62 would indeed make a good donor, but (as you know) there aren't many in Canada. I've never even seen one for sale. Besides, whats the point of going through all this trouble to make a gun that you cant even shoot.. Very sad...

I dont like the idea of using the stamped M78 receiver. The end product would not look the same anyway, so why bother with all the M95 parts.. I'd probably make a non-restricted AKM clone if i had a spare M78 receiver.

Your best bet would probably be taking a .223 Hunter to a REALLY good gunsmith, and getting him to modify it for x39. Even if possible, there would be A LOT of work involved - a lot of material would have to be built up and removed in many places.

Either way, good luck with your project!
Make sure to keep us informed on the progress.

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Post by Ruddiger » Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:55 am

Try to find a South African Vektor H-5 for a donor. They were imported to Canada and are a legal pump action, not semi. The Vektor receiver is similar to a 95/92 in that it does not have lightening cuts like an M62. The magwell area would still need to be built up, though. The rest of the receiver is virtually identical to a Galil (minus safety cutout, gas tube slot, and rear cover slot, all which can still be added).

Since Denis asked, just how do you plan to legally assemble this into a Sako 95? I am not familiar with Canadian laws, but I am curious about their homebuilding requirements.

BTW, I located a Sako 95 folding stock if you are interested. The folding stock and mechanism were never sold to civilians. The only problem is that the stock comes with a new Sako 92S, and the deal requires a non-vital organ as a deposit.

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Post by reckoner1 » Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:33 am

Dennis - Wouldn't use an M62, for obvious reasons just surmizing that it might be the easiest. However one thing that I've always found interesting with Valmets is that they always tried to use commonality between parts. Just noticed a few thing that illustrate same. A 7.62*39 mm mag will snap lickety split into a .223 milled Hunter receiver. In addition the M92 barrel is threaded identical to a .223 valmet barrel that I have. To make it a little easier I already have a .223 Hunter that's partially converted with the pistol grip in the correct position. Me thinks I see a trend developing here... 8) Feeding may need some tweaking but doesn't seem like it'd be too much work (I may end up eating that statement).

Ruddiger - Receiver is the key re builds. Valmet hunter or M78 = good, anything else = bad. Sending you a PM, I just came across something that you're looking for.


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